Return to M20 the Trifid Nebula

By |2016, Nebula|

Image featured in Amateur Astrophotography E-Magazine Aug 9th, issue #31 It's been several years since I imaged M20 the Trifid Nebula. I decided to begin collecting new data on it in May 2016 [...]

Stars, Planets and Perseid Meteors of August 2016

By |Stargazing|

Did you know all 5 of the naked eye visible planets can be seen this month! Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are visible during the evening hours after sunset! Also watch for [...]

Tarantula Nebula NGC 2070 remote telescope astrophotography

By |2016, Narrowband|

Pictured is the new iTelescope T33 ASA 16" astrograph, 16 megapixel Apogee Aspen CG16070 Class 1 CCD on a Paramount ME. Located at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia. A giant stellar [...]

See Saturn in the night sky this Summer!

By |Stargazing|

This pale golden colour gem is a must see this Summer! You can see Saturn high in the South after sunset and easy to find. Using a telescope you can see [...]

How to tell Moon rise by the current phase

By |Stargazing|

Have you ever wondered what time the Moon will rise? In this episode of Stargazers, you'll find out how to tell what time the Moon rises based on the current lunar phase. [...]

Comet sails past the Helix Nebula

By |2016, Comets, Nebula|

A truly once in a lifetime opportunity. I was able to capture this image of Comet C/2013 X1 (PanSTARRS) passing near the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) on its cosmic journey through space. While [...]

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Why I give up on fighting light pollution

By | August 3rd, 2016|Light Pollution|

"We are the only living creatures who diverge from their rhythms and turn night into day"  Opinion: Sometimes you reach a point you just can't fight the good fight anymore. The ongoing battles with [...]

Light trespass: Waterloo Region staff wrong, misleading to councilors

By | July 27th, 2016|Light Pollution|

Update August 2, 2016: I have received a copy of the LED street lighting briefing note from the Region of Waterloo Public Health, sent to the Region's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Nolan. An [...]

AMA Report Signals Dangers of LED Lighting

By | June 24th, 2016|Light Pollution|

AMA Report Affirms Human Health Impacts from LED lighting on JUNE 21, 2016 This photo shows the divide between East and West Berlin that is still visible at night from space. On [...]

New Study finds 80% of World Population Lives Under Skyglow

By | June 18th, 2016|Light Pollution|

World map of artificial sky brightness. Image from the new “World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness.” A groundbreaking new study documenting light pollution across the globe finds that more than 80 percent [...]

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night sky events for August

Welcome to my astrophotography and astronomy site…

My name is Shawn Nielsen. I’m fascinated with the science of Astronomy and enjoy sharing my passion of stargazing with others. Celestron CPC800 with Equinox 80 APO refractor which was used to take some of the images you will see here.As a young boy I was intrigued with the Moon and stars. My parents encouraged my interest and bought me my first telescope. As a teenager I built a number of my own telescopes to view the planets and deep sky objects.

I’ve been doing astrophotography since 2008 and have been honoured with some awards and have a few published images.

ASA-16-iTelescopeThe images displayed on this site I took from various locations including northern Ontario, Canada, cottage country, remote observatories in New Mexico, Australia and Spain as well as from my home driveway in Kitchener.
I’m a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and The Bluewater Astronomical Society. I’m also Past Chair of the Kitchener-Waterloo RASC Light Pollution Abatement committee.

I hope you enjoy looking around the site and feel free to leave a comment as well.

Clear skies and keep looking up!

Shawn Nielsen/@Stardaug