“Across the sea of space the stars are other suns”

– Carl Sagan

Adventures in astrophotography and astronomy. Photographing the night sky stars, deep sky objects, planets and aurora over Ontario, Canada…

708, 2010

NGC7635 The Bubble Nebula

Another interesting object is NGC7635 also known as the Bubble Nebula in the constellation of Cassiopeia. It’s the result of massive stars in the region that create fast-moving [...]

1108, 2010

M16 The Eagle Nebula

This image of of the Eagle Nebula in the Constellation of Serpens was taking during one of my outings to a local dark site between Conestoga Lake [...]

910, 2013

Northern Lights October 8th 2013

Always an amazing sight to see – the Northern Lights October 8th 2013 (Aurora Borealis) painted the evening night skies of Ontario green, red and purple. Curtains [...]

1409, 2010

M45 The Pleiades Star Cluster

One of my first images of M45 The Pleiades Star Cluster with the Skywatcher Equinox 80mm ED APO refractor. Just 2 hours and 20 minutes of data. [...]

1211, 2009

Horse Head and Flame Nebulae

It goes without saying that the constellation of Orion the hunter is one of the most well known in the Winter night sky. Very large in size [...]

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