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Astro ramblings of an urban astronomer


Deepsky astrophotography with and without a narrowband filter

City lights, neighbours outside lights, limited number of clear nights and astrophotography from your backyard, all mean having to battle not only light pollution but time and opportunity to engage in our hobby. So if there’s technology that can make things a little easier than why not give it a try! Narrowband and light pollution […]

Narrowband astrophotography from the city!

One of the biggest challenges in astrophotography is dealing with light pollution. This form of environmental pollution caused by unshielded and overly bright exterior lighting, washes out the night sky and makes both seeing and imaging the cosmos difficult and sometimes impossible. All is not lost though. For those of us living in a mid […]

My article and image of IC1396 in Skynews magazine Mar/Apr 2019

IC1396 in Skynews

Very pleased to have my image of IC1396 and short article featured in the “Parting Shot” section of the March/April issue of Skynews Magazine. It’s always an honour to have your work recognized like this. I imaged IC1396 (the Elephant Trunk Nebula) in the Fall of 2018 using the Skywatcher Esprit 100 Triplet Refractor, Moravian […]

New hardware arrives for Rigel motorized focusing of Esprit 100

Just a quick post... The mounting hardware for the motorized focusing on my new Esprit triplet finally arrived. With some modifications its installed now and ready for tonight. This allows the imaging software to automatically adjust focus position per filter. I don't have to manually adjust by turning the knobs. The software does it once it [...]

Esprit 100 telescope and ASI camera imaging the distance cosmos

A Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 triplet refractor and ASI1600mm-cooled camera mounted on a Sky-Watcher EQ6 mount
Had a bit of clear tonight before some clouds rolled in. A warm up to this weekends marathon of clear nights. If forecast holds Sat, Sun and Mon nights are clear. Will be doing more imaging into the wee hours of the morning. Tonight I got another hour on the Eastern Veil Nebula (blue channel) [...]