IC1396 and the Elephant Trunk Nebula

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IC1396 is a large region of ionized gas about 2,400 light years from Earth. The Elephant Trunk Nebula (extending vertical from bottom to center of image) is an interstellar gas and dust concentration. It gets its name because it appears to resemble an Elephant head and trunk. This nebula is now thought to be a star forming region.


  • Skywatcher Esprit 100mm APO refractor, F5.5
  • Moravian G3 16200 CCD @ -10deg
  • Optolong filters (Ha-sL-R-G-B)
  • Skywatcher EQ6 mount
  • 9 hours 40 min / 5min subs
  • SGP, PHD, EQmod softwares for acquisition
  • Pixinsight 1.8 calibration, processing
  • Seeing and transparency average
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