Meet NGC 3324, an open cluster closely associated with emission nebula IC 2599 located in the southern constellation Carina. It’s at a distance of 7,560 ly from Earth.

This is another collaboration image between myself and Russ Jacob of Australia. Russ’ data was a pleasure to work. Very good quality and he did an excellent job of acquiring it.

This is image was taken using three different narrowband filters. Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha), Oxygen III (OIII) and Sulfur II (SII). This is also known as the Hubble Palette. The golden-orange is the Ha and SII emissions while the bule/teal is the OIII.

This nebulous region was named after Lucila Godoy Alcayaga, a Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet, who is more known by her pseudonym: Gabriela Mistral. 

I’ve created two images. One with the stars and the other image is without stars. I used the StarNet++ tool for Pixinsight to remove the stars. It leaves only the nebulousity and gives it an interesting look. I find the starless image a little more 3D, do you?


6 hours total

Ha, OIII, SII 6.5nm filters ( )

Skywatcher 8″ F5 reflector ( )

ZWO ASI1600mm pro cooled cmos camera ( )

NEQ6 Skywatcher mount ( )

Acquisition: Sequence Generator Pro SGP / PHD2 for autoguiding

Processing: Pixinsight

Interested in how this image was created? Watch my video below…

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