One of the biggest challenges in astrophotography is dealing with light pollution. This form of environmental pollution caused by unshielded and overly bright exterior lighting, washes out the night sky and makes both seeing and imaging the cosmos difficult and sometimes impossible.

All is not lost though. For those of us living in a mid to large size cities and dealing with light pollution, we can do narrowband astrophotography and get some great results!

Narrowband astrophotography utilizes special filters that only allow a certain wavelength of light to reach the camera sensor. Join me in this video as I talk about astrophotography from the city. Specifically narrowband imaging using H-alpha, Oxygen III and Sulfur II narrowband filters like the Hubble space telescope does! What equipment do you need, what works better monochrome or color camera, how to take narrowband images, a look at some astro images I’ve taken from the city with my telescope and CCD camera and a visit to the telescope store.

Thanks to and owner, Brian, for participating in this video!

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