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M81 and M82 Galaxies

I’ve imaged the M81 and M82 galaxies before with other telescopes. These two neighbours form a striking pair in even small telescopes. [...]

The Leo Trio Galaxy Group

This galaxy group is known as the M66 Galaxy Group and the Leo Trio Galaxy Group. The three conspicuous galaxies are roughly [...]

Hello and welcome to my Astrophotography and Astronomy website! My name is Shawn Nielsen. I’m fascinated with the science of Astronomy and enjoy sharing my passion of stargazing with others.

Photographing the night sky. The Visible Dark - Astrophotography by Shawn NielsenAs a young boy I was intrigued with the Moon and stars. 40 years later I still am fascinated by the vast cosmos that appears to us on clear nights.

Sadly I now find myself trying to save the night sky from a cancer known as light pollution. With the switch to (white) LED lighting by many cities as well as businesses and homeowners, the problem has now been found to be growing by more than 2% every year. It’s creating a curtain of light (skyglow) up in the night sky that is not only removing the stars from our view but negatively affected people’s health and wildlife.

I’ve been active in serious astrophotography since 2008 and have been honoured with some awards and have a few published images.

ASA-16-iTelescopeThe images displayed on this site I took from various locations including northern Ontario, Canada (cottage country), remote observatories in New Mexico, Australia and Spain as well as from my driveway at home in Kitchener.

I hope you enjoy looking around the site and feel free to leave a comment as well.

Clear skies and keep looking up!

-Shawn Nielsen

“We are the only living creatures who diverge from their rhythms and turn night into day”