power pocketboxThe Pocket Powerbox is a handy little power distribution unit perfect for most astrophotographers looking to streamline and clean up the mess of cables and chords that typically happens with most telescope setups.

I had a chance to try out a Power Pocketbox thanks for KWtelescope.com who were kind of enough to lend me one for this review.

I really like the products Pegasus Astro is producing for the amateur astronomy and astrophotography markets. Well thought out and useful designs that aid the user in improving their setup which has many benefits, including reducing cables snags but not limited to that.

A cleaner, better cable management for your telescope is not only visually appealing (vs the common rats nest of cables!) but also improves functionality and performance.

Buy the Power Pocketbox at OPT and save! https://bit.ly/39BGAJr

Also available The Ultimate Powerbox V2 https://bit.ly/2xzBrVg

Pocket Powerbox can work “out of the box” as a standalone device. Just plug in your cables and your ready to go! Setup is simple and you can even set the “autodew” functionality. Plus every time you boot the device, it will retrieve your settings!

Features of the Power Pocketbox include:

  • 4 x 12V DC Power outlets for your equipment (ON/OFF via software)
  • 10 Amps of total power
  • DSLR 8V Output (Can be switched ON/OFF)
  • 2 Channels PWM Dew Heaters – RCA Outputs (Tune levels via software)
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor (included)
  • Auto Tune Dew Heaters
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • USB / PC Controlled or Standalone Operation out of the box
  • Lightweight and extremely compact enclosure

Want to know more about the Power Pocketbox? Watch my Youtube video where I take a look at what’s included and install it on my telescope setup!

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