Meet IC2944, also known as the Running Chicken Nebula. It’s a southern hemisphere deep sky object. An open cluster with an associated emission nebula found in the constellation Centaurus.

Bok globules
Bok globules within IC2944

Within this region of nebulosity is a set of Bok globules. They were discovered in IC 2944 by South African astronomer A. David Thackeray in 1950.

These globules are now known as Thackeray’s Globules.

Bok globules are isolated and relatively small dark nebulae, containing dense cosmic dust and gas from which star formation may take place.

Bok globules were first observed by astronomer Bart Bok in the 1940s.

This image was taken from Siding Spring Observatory in Australia via the iTelescope network.


  • Takahashi FSQ-ED 106mm APO refractor, F5
  • FLI Microline 16803 CCD
  • H-alpha filter
  • Mount: Paramount PME
  • Pixinsight 1.8 calibration and processing
  • Seeing and transparency excellent
  • Imaging location: Siding Spring Observatory, Australia


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