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Shawn Nielsen astrophotographer VisibleDarkThe videos and content I create take an enormous amount of time to write, plan, film, and edit. I want to make even better and more helpful videos but it’s simply financially impossible to work full time on it. On top of this, astrophotography is a very expensive hobby. Because I create videos and tutorials, I don’t only need astronomy gear but also video equipment.

One of my goals with this website and my YouTube channel was to give back, pay it forward. It took me a long time to master the art of astrophotography, both acquiring the data and processing it. Along the way I had many helpful people that taught me a lot about the technical aspects, the hobby and the how to. These people were instrumental in me developing the skills and knowledge of astrophotography I have today. And I want to share that with others, new to the hobby or already progressing in it.

My main goal is being able to provide more and better articles and videos for VisibleDark and you the viewer. To share my passion, teach astrophotography, help othersand show everyone the beauty of the night sky.

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