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Last look at the Orion Nebula for another season

Orion Nebula M42

Like old friends coming and going, so do the stars, constellations and deep sky objects of the various seasons. For Winter one of the most popular objects for both visual stargazers and astrophotographers is the Orion Nebula, designated as M42. View high resolution image here The Orion Nebula along with the Running Man Nebula (NGC […]

M16 Reprocessed using Pixinsight

M16 Eagle Nebula

I’ve been spending some time going through old data to see what is worthy of reprocessing. The weather in southern Ontario really hasn’t been very cooperative for astrophotography with even the clear nights having a haze blanketing them. With not a lot of new data to process I’ve had more time to re-visit some of […]

M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy

A very popular target of the late Winter and Spring night sky is the Whirlpool Galaxy; cataloged as Messier 51 (M51). It is visible in small telescopes and even binoculars. It resides in the constellation of Canes Venatici, the hunting dogs, which is near the Big Dipper. M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy is positioned not far […]

And so it begins…

My first image of M31 galaxy. Shawn Nielsen 2008

This was my first image taken upon returning to the astrophotography hobby and astronomy after many years. It was summer of 2008 and I found an urge to explore the cosmos again and meet up with old friends, the stars of the night sky. I had decided to purchase a new telescope and try my […]