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Ecological benefits of partial lights off overnight

blue rich 4000K LED street lights going up along King Street in Kitchener, Ontario.

PUBLIC RELEASE: 20-JAN-2019  Nighttime pollinators benefit from street lights being switched off in the middle of the night NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY Switching off street lights to save money and energy could have a positive knock-on effect on our nocturnal pollinators, according to new research. A study, led by experts from Newcastle and York universities, has shown that […]

Light pollution effects nocturnal and diurnal species

LED light pollution

The Region of Waterloo is drafting proposal for a switch to LED street lighting late 2016 and into 2017. They were initially considering using higher colour temperature (CCT) white light in the range of 4000K. This type of white light encroaches on daylight lighting. It also has a large amount of blue light in it […]