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Ecological benefits of partial lights off overnight

blue rich 4000K LED street lights going up along King Street in Kitchener, Ontario.

PUBLIC RELEASE: 20-JAN-2019  Nighttime pollinators benefit from street lights being switched off in the middle of the night NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY Switching off street lights to save money and energy could have a positive knock-on effect on our nocturnal pollinators, according to new research. A study, led by experts from Newcastle and York universities, has shown that […]

Philips Lighting webinar on light pollution

On January 17th, 2019 Philips Lighting held a webinar covering the ecological and human effects of light pollution. Two keynote speakers presented their research and findings. This is my own summary and thoughts on this webinar and the information presented. The presentation was basic but provided a good overview of the problem and some of the impacts […]

Why 3000K LED is healthier for your family and the environment

LED light pollution

The rapid advancement of LED technology is unparalleled in the lighting industry, which has caused cities and utilities to reevaluate the specifications used for their street and area lighting applications. Early generation LEDs were typically 5000K or higher, which at the time was the upper end of the technology’s capacity for products that remained both […]

White LED Lights Causing Skyglow

Distant skyglow created by white LED lights in the parking lot of a large box store retailer in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
What if I told you that LED lighting is creating a slew of new environmental problems and making existing problems worse. No, that can't be right, I'm saving the planet by using LED! Well not so fast. The switch to LED outdoor lighting is fast becoming a cancer spreading across our night environment. The problem [...]

Tell your elected official to say no to blue-rich white LED street lighting

blue rich 4000K LED street lights going up along King Street in Kitchener, Ontario.

I wanted to share this article posted by the International Darksky Association. It is very important that citizens speak up and demand the officials don’t over light and use this bad white light LED when awarding contracts and performing street light conversions. Call or email you elected official with your concerns. Together we are stronger […]

Judge Ruled Against City of Monterey Over LED Conversion

4000K LED street lights along King St in Waterloo Ontario Canada
on JANUARY 9, 2017 Night over Monterey Bay. Photo by Gail Frederick. Recently, a judge ruled against the city of Monterey, stating they violated the California Environmental Quality Act and the Brown Act when they began their LED streetlight conversion in 2009. A group of Monterey residents calling themselves, Turn Down The Lights, brought the case [...]