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Dr. Emily Fobert; polluting the night with light

polluting the night with light

Dr Emily Fobert delivering the Flinders University #EcologyandEvolution public lecture: ‘Polluting the night with light’ “So even today in a landscape of plastic pollution and climate change, artificial light at night is still one of the most pervasive environmental changes that organisms are facing” https://www.facebook.com/GlobalEcologyFlinders/videos/857532131275982/?v=857532131275982

Tell your elected official to say no to blue-rich white LED street lighting

blue rich 4000K LED street lights going up along King Street in Kitchener, Ontario.

I wanted to share this article posted by the International Darksky Association. It is very important that citizens speak up and demand the officials don’t over light and use this bad white light LED when awarding contracts and performing street light conversions. Call or email you elected official with your concerns. Together we are stronger […]

Judge Ruled Against City of Monterey Over LED Conversion

4000K LED street lights along King St in Waterloo Ontario Canada
on JANUARY 9, 2017 Night over Monterey Bay. Photo by Gail Frederick. Recently, a judge ruled against the city of Monterey, stating they violated the California Environmental Quality Act and the Brown Act when they began their LED streetlight conversion in 2009. A group of Monterey residents calling themselves, Turn Down The Lights, brought the case [...]