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Meet NGC 3324 and IC2599 The Gabriela Mistral Nebula

NGC 3324 Meet NGC 3324 and IC2599 The Gabriela Mistral Nebula

This image was featured front cover of the RASC Journal (June 2020 edition) and Image of the Month in the BBC Sky at Night magazine (July 2020 edition). Meet NGC 3324, an open cluster closely associated with emission nebula IC 2599 located in the southern constellation Carina. It’s at a distance of 7,560 ly from […]

Lobster Claw, a Bubble and open cluster

Lobster claw, bubble nebula and open cluster M52
Imaging telescope: Esprit 100 triplet refractor and Moravian G3-16200EC CCD camera riding on the EQ6 mount and Skyshed Pier. From left to right, the Lobster Claw Nebula (Sharpless 157), the Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) and open cluster M52. I captured this image of all three in October 2018 using the Esprit 100 triplet, Moravian 16200EC [...]

M20 The Trifid Nebula

M20 The Trifid Nebula. June 2013. Shawn Nielsen

M20 The Trifid Nebula is a magnificent and very interesting nebula. It’s an unusual combination of an open cluster of stars; an emission nebula (red portion), a reflection nebula (blue portion) and a dark nebula (the apparent ‘gaps’ within the emission nebula that cause the trifid appearance; these are also designated Bernard 85). Below is […]

M11 The Wild Duck Cluster

M11 The Wild Duck CLuster. Shawn Nielsen Sept 2010

Continuing my learning curve with astro-imaging. This was a short run on the Wild Duck Cluster, M11. located near the constellation Scutum. M11 is an open cluster, also called a galactic cluster. It contains thousands of stars. The stars in M11 are believed to have formed together about 250 million years ago. Bright young stars […]