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M31 Andromeda Galaxy from the suburbs of Kitchener

M31 Andromeda Galaxy ASI1600MM-C and Esprit 100
M31 Andromeda Galaxy is a popular target for both observers and astrophotographers in the Fall months. It's well positioned for viewing in the NE sky after sunset when dark arrives. It remains visible for most of the night as well which is perfect for imaging this nearest galaxy friend of ours. This data was acquired [...]

M16 Reprocessed using Pixinsight

M16 Eagle Nebula

I’ve been spending some time going through old data to see what is worthy of reprocessing. The weather in southern Ontario really hasn’t been very cooperative for astrophotography with even the clear nights having a haze blanketing them. With not a lot of new data to process I’ve had more time to re-visit some of […]