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Energy saving LEDs increasing light pollution globally

energy saving LED increasing light pollution
What was herald by the lighting industry and politicians as a means to combat climate change and save our environment has become the enemy within. Energy saving LEDs are increasing light pollution globally and the latest research science has confirmed it. An interesting article (and links to the research within) written by Andrew Nikiforuk was published [...]

Waterloo Region LED street lights conversion

Waterloo Region LED street lights

  In March 2017 the Waterloo Region LED street lights conversion began. This replaces existing HPS (high pressure sodium, amber) street lights with 3000K whitish LEDs. While LED can reduce energy use and has been promoted by the lighting industry as better for the environment, there are many negative characteristics unknown to the general population […]

White LED Lights Causing Skyglow

Distant skyglow created by white LED lights in the parking lot of a large box store retailer in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
What if I told you that LED lighting is creating a slew of new environmental problems and making existing problems worse. No, that can't be right, I'm saving the planet by using LED! Well not so fast. The switch to LED outdoor lighting is fast becoming a cancer spreading across our night environment. The problem [...]

Region of Waterloo won’t require spectrum reports for new LED street lights

4000K LED street lights in Kitchener Ontario

Update, Dec 17, 2016 – After I further questioned more of the same unclear approach to answering my questions, answering in part but not fully, related to the LED conversion, I received a rather cold email from the Director of Transportation for Region of Waterloo stating the project was moving ahead regardless of any concerns I still […]

Light pollution dome from Kitchener and Waterloo

Light dome from Kitchener-Waterloo caused by artifical light sources (street lights, porch lights, business lights and signs). This not only washes away the stars in the night sky but also has been linked to negative affects on our night time environment health (ecology).

Badly designed and implemented outdoor lighting such as street lights, house lights, business lights and lit signs all contribute to light pollution. This negatively effects not only our night sky but our nocturnal environment, the ecology of it, which in-turn effects people, wildlife and even air quality. The effects of light pollution are not confined […]