Somewhere in the World there’s a clear night! In this case it was in Chile.

This is a pro dataset (LRGB) taken with the Telescope Live remote telescope, ASA500N and FLI PL16803 CCD camera in Chile. 

The Cone Nebula is an H II region in the constellation of Monoceros, discovered by William Herschel on December 26, 1785.

Cone Nebula

The above image is comprised of luminance data as well as red, green and blue data. Also known as and shortened to “LRGB”.  The luminance component provides brightness and details while the seperate colour channels when combined produces the colour you see in the image.

I processed the data in PixInsight. The data from Telescope Live is provided calibrated (darks, flats applied already) but needs some work to be done in order to arrive at the final image.


  • ASA 500N (50cm) F3.8, 1900mm FL
  • FLI PL 16803 CCD camera (0.98 arcsec/px)
  • Mount: ASA DDM85 equatorial mount with direct drives
  • Astrodon astrophotography filters
ASA 500N telescope
The ASA 500N 50cm F3.8 telescope in Chile.

Have you tried remote internet astrophotography? Comment below and let me know!

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