Continuing my narrowband imaging, I shot this late June 2014. This is an area at the center of the summer time constellation of Cygnus the Swan.

Sadr region in the constellation of Cygnus. Shawn Nielsen 2014

View high resolution image here

This constellation rises high over head and holds a lot of nebulous regions that can be revealed in images especially when using special filters such the one used for this image, an H-alpha narrowband. This filter isolates a specific part of the light spectrum and allows the camera to capture theses objects which are mostly red emission nebulae. Narrowband images look greyscale though not colour.


William Optics Zenithstar 71mm ED APO refractor with Flat6 .8x reducer/flattener

SBIG 8300M CCD and FLI filter wheel. Using Ha filter only.

Skywatcher EQ6 mount

Nebulosity for acquisition and PHD/Orion Starshoot for guiding.

2 hours total data.



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