The Witch's Broom NGC 6960

Witch's broom nebula
The Witch’s Broom along with part of Pickering’s Triangle at bottom.

This supernova remnant is located approximately 1400 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. Cataloged as NGC 6960 and also known as the Witch’s Broom or Western Veil Nebula.

The Witch’s Broom is an ionised cloud of heated gas and dust. Beautiful layers of filaments of hot glowing hydrogen (red) and doubly ionised oxygen (blue/green) gas can be seen almost edge-on in this object. The nebula  extends for about 35 light years from one end to the other. 

This supernova remnant formed when a massive star exploded approximately 9,000 years ago.

A supernova remnant is the remains of a star that died in a supernova explosion. The star in question in the Veil Nebula complex was 20 times the mass of the Sun.


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