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Pixinsight GAME mask script update!

Pixinsight GAME mask script

The GAME mask script for Pixinsight has been updated. If you want to create masks easily within Pixinsight for your image processing give it a try! In the video I’ll demonstrate it, showing some of the new features and what you can do with it. Some of my gear… Skywatcher Esprit 100 F5.5 Triplet refractor […]

Noise reduction in Pixinsight – TGVDenoise

Pixinsight noise reduction TGVdenoise

Hello everyone! Thanks for watching another one of my videos. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about noise reduction in Pixinsight so I thought I’d do another video covering it. This time a little bit more simple than before. In fact this method is fairly easy to do (I use it a lot) and […]

Pixinsight tip to make your images look better

pixinsight tip

Here’s a Pixinsight image processing tip to help make your images look better. If you’ve ever had globs of red/magenta hues appearing within your image (colour cast) then this little trick is for you. It works great and really helps restore colour quality within an image when affected. Some of my gear… Skywatcher Esprit 100 […]

Pixinsight SHO processing of NGC 7822 – Tutorial

Pixinsight SHO processing

Hey folks! Hope all is well and you’ve been getting some clear skies. In this astrophotography video I gather data on NGC 7822 nebula region in Cepheus using my Skywatcher Esprit 100 triplet refractor telescope, Moravian 16200EC CCD and Optolong (Ha, OIII and SII) narrowband filters. It was a challenge to gather enough data for […]

Pixinsight Weighted Batch Preprocessing Script – Tutorial

pixinsight weighted batch preprocessing script

In this video we take a look at the basics of using the Pixinsight Weighted Batch Preprocessing Script. This powerful tool will make preparing your image data for processing much easier along with streamlining your workflowing. You can calibrate your light frames using flats, darks and bias as well as align and stack all in […]

How to calibrate and auto stack in Pixinsight

There’s an easy way to calibrate, align and auto stack in Pixinsight. I’ll show you how in this tutorial. Open up the batch preprocessing script, select your lights, flats, darks and bias frames and click go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSSu3CV_M3E