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Photography of the Northern Lights (Aurora) from Ontario, Canada


March 17th 2015 Aurora

March 17 2015 Northern Lights. Shawn Nielsen

It was a great night for Aurora (Northern Lights) sky watchers here in southern Ontario. The CME launched from the Sun towards Earth 3 days previous set off a nice display of dancing colours in the night sky. I was lucky enough that it was clear this night and I set off to photograph the […]

Northern Lights Dance in the Night Sky

October 8th 2013 Northern Lights, Ontario, Canada

Always an amazing sight to see – the Northern Lights October 8th 2013 (Aurora Borealis) painted the evening night skies of Ontario green, red and purple. View high resolution image here Curtains of shimmering light along with intense pillars of colour could be seen shooting up into the night sky. Eyewitness reports being posted on […]

Northern Lights June 3rd and 4th, 2013

Northern Lights June 4, 2013, Ontario, Canada

The evening of June 3rd and into the morning of June 4th, the night sky was clear over most of southern Ontario. For those night owls out there, the Northern Lights (Aurora) made an appearance in the night sky. While it wasn’t the most spectacular I have seen, it’s always a treat to see an […]