Always an amazing sight to see – the Northern Lights October 8th 2013 (Aurora Borealis) painted the evening night skies of Ontario green, red and purple.

Visible Dark Astrophotography

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Curtains of shimmering light along with intense pillars of colour could be seen shooting up into the night sky. Eyewitness reports being posted on social media sites  show it was visible throughout Ontario, Quebec, down into the USA and other locations.

I was lucky enough to spot the event shortly as dark set in and the stars came out. Quickly grabbing my camera, myself and two other astrophotographers started snapping photos of the event. It intensified around 8-9pm EDT with an incredible show that filled the night sky from the west horizon, through the north and over to the eastern horizon near where the Pleiades were rising. These photos were taken from our vantage point near Listowel, Ontario.

One of the stunning parts of this Northern Lights display was that it lasted for hours and hours, visible pretty much throughout the entire night – although it had diminished in its intensity by the early morning hours (Oct 9th).

Below: A Panorama image of the aurora consisting of three panes stitched together. The aurora spans from NW to NE horizons.

Northern Lights Ontario


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