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Last look at the Orion Nebula for another season

Orion Nebula M42

Like old friends coming and going, so do the stars, constellations and deep sky objects of the various seasons. For Winter one of the most popular objects for both visual stargazers and astrophotographers is the Orion Nebula, designated as M42. View high resolution image here The Orion Nebula along with the Running Man Nebula (NGC […]

March 17th 2015 Aurora

March 17 2015 Northern Lights. Shawn Nielsen

It was a great night for Aurora (Northern Lights) sky watchers here in southern Ontario. The CME launched from the Sun towards Earth 3 days previous set off a nice display of dancing colours in the night sky. I was lucky enough that it was clear this night and I set off to photograph the […]

The Winter night sky in the Fall

Pleiades star cluster rising high overhead in the early Fall pre-dawn sky of September

I was up very early this morning, September 3rd, and noticed it was clear out. The clouds had drifted off over night some time. I put my jacket on and went outside to have a look at the sky. My old friends of the Winter night sky are making their return. You can now see […]

Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000 Nebula (Narrowband)

Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000. Shawn Nielsen, 2014

This is 5 hours of H-alpha and Oxygen 3 data combined to produce a false colour image of the Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000. A variant of the Hubble palette colour profile was applied. This image consists of three hours of hydrogen-alpha (Hα) images and two hours of OIII data. The Hα frames were captured […]

Light pollution dome from Kitchener and Waterloo

Light dome from Kitchener-Waterloo caused by artifical light sources (street lights, porch lights, business lights and signs). This not only washes away the stars in the night sky but also has been linked to negative affects on our night time environment health (ecology).

Badly designed and implemented outdoor lighting such as street lights, house lights, business lights and lit signs all contribute to light pollution. This negatively effects not only our night sky but our nocturnal environment, the ecology of it, which in-turn effects people, wildlife and even air quality. The effects of light pollution are not confined […]