the Pleiades star cluster, M45, Shawn Nielsen, 2010I was up very early this morning, September 3rd, and noticed it was clear out. The clouds had drifted off over night some time. I put my jacket on and went outside to have a look at the sky.

Pleiades star cluster rising high overhead in the early Fall pre-dawn sky of SeptemberMy old friends of the Winter night sky are making their return. You can now see constellations and objects of the Winter months in the early Fall mornings.

I could see Orion the Hunter rising in the east and Auriga along with it’s star Capella. Taurus the Bull and Aldebaran were visible. The Pleiades star cluster as well.

I grabbed my Canon DSLR and took a shot of the Pleiades rising over my roof top. A fun way to start the day, meeting up with old friends!

As always thanks for reading and #clearskies!

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