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The fighting dragons of Ara NGC 6188

Fighting Dragons of Ara NGC 6188

Featured in Sky and Telescope Magazine, October 2016. Returning to Siding Spring Observatory in the southern hemisphere, I decided to image a region of space referred to as the fighting dragons of Ara NGC 6188. It’s a very stunning emission nebula located 4000 light years away from our Earth. View high res This emission nebula […]

Vela Supernova Remnant

Vela SNR

This is an experimental image of the Vela supernova remnant (SNR) in the southern constellation of Vela. The image data set consisted of 1-hour and 35-min of  H-alpha, Oxygen III and Sulphur 2 filters. The S2 was data was not used though. Imaged with a Takahashi FSQ 106 refactor and SBIG STL-11000M CCD camera. The […]