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New NATGEO article: Our nights are getting brighter, and Earth is paying the price

light pollution sky quality meter

Did you know light pollution is growing each year, faster than any other form of pollution? The invention of the white LED has herald a new wave of energy efficiency that has produced the opposite of what was intended – we are using more artificial light than ever before because LED is cheap and white […]

CBC The Current: It’s early morning all night long, LED street lights

Halifax resident Hillary Harris says her whole family is awake due to the new LED street lights the city installed right across from her front porch. (Courtesy of Hillary Harris)
On May 9th, 2017, CBC's The Current radio show took on the topic of LED street lights and light pollution. You can read the full story here entitled "It's early morning all night long: Halifax residents revolt over LED street lights" and listen to this segment of the show below via the CBC radio player. This is [...]

Judge Ruled Against City of Monterey Over LED Conversion

4000K LED street lights along King St in Waterloo Ontario Canada
on JANUARY 9, 2017 Night over Monterey Bay. Photo by Gail Frederick. Recently, a judge ruled against the city of Monterey, stating they violated the California Environmental Quality Act and the Brown Act when they began their LED streetlight conversion in 2009. A group of Monterey residents calling themselves, Turn Down The Lights, brought the case [...]