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Supernova discovered in galaxy M66

New Supernova discovered in galaxy M66 May 28, 2016

A new Supernova was discovered in the galaxy known as M66 on May 28, 2016. I thought I’d get an image of this new discovery for myself and logged into the remote iTelescope at the AstroCamp Observatory in Nerpio, Spain. This is a Planewave 17″ CDK with a focal length of 2929mm and an SBIG […]

Centaurus A Supernova in test frame

Location of Supernova in Centaurus A indicated by green lines.

This is a test image for framing which I took of the prominent Centaurus A galaxy, designated NGC 5128. It was taken using the the T9 remote iTelescope at Siding Springs Observatory in Australia. This is a quick 5 min image taken through a luminance filter. I also captured the Centaurus A supernova. Called SN […]

NGC 6960 The Witche’s Broom

NGC 6960 Th Witch's Broom. Shawn Nieslen 2014

NGC 6960 is a supernova remnant. The source supernova is believed to have exploded between 5000 and 8000 years ago. It is the western part of the Veil Nebula in the constellation, Cygnus the swan. This filamentry nebula is also known as the “Witch’s Broom” due to it’s striking resemblance of such. This portion of […]