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It’s not just the bane of light sleepers and frustrated astronomers. It also is tinkering with the biological cycles of all kinds of living things, including us!

The problem of light pollution – TED Talks

TED Talks The problem of light pollution
Ever gaze up at the starry night sky? This stunning view is at risk of disappearing -- unless we act now, says astrophysicist Kelsey Johnson. In this fascinating, unexpectedly funny talk, she explains how light pollution affects almost every species on earth (including us) and shares five "stupidly simple" things you can do to help [...]

Dr. Emily Fobert; polluting the night with light

polluting the night with light

Dr Emily Fobert delivering the Flinders University #EcologyandEvolution public lecture: ‘Polluting the night with light’ “So even today in a landscape of plastic pollution and climate change, artificial light at night is still one of the most pervasive environmental changes that organisms are facing”

New NATGEO article: Our nights are getting brighter, and Earth is paying the price

light pollution sky quality meter

Did you know light pollution is growing each year, faster than any other form of pollution? The invention of the white LED has herald a new wave of energy efficiency that has produced the opposite of what was intended – we are using more artificial light than ever before because LED is cheap and white […]

Ecological benefits of partial lights off overnight

blue rich 4000K LED street lights going up along King Street in Kitchener, Ontario.

PUBLIC RELEASE: 20-JAN-2019  Nighttime pollinators benefit from street lights being switched off in the middle of the night NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY Switching off street lights to save money and energy could have a positive knock-on effect on our nocturnal pollinators, according to new research. A study, led by experts from Newcastle and York universities, has shown that […]

Philips Lighting webinar on light pollution

On January 17th, 2019 Philips Lighting held a webinar covering the ecological and human effects of light pollution. Two keynote speakers presented their research and findings. This is my own summary and thoughts on this webinar and the information presented. The presentation was basic but provided a good overview of the problem and some of the impacts […]

Local Kitchener company reduces its light pollution footprint

LED wallpack light unshielded.

Heroux-Devtek of Kitchener recently switched to LED lights without being aware of the environmental impacts it would have. Then they fixed the problem. Most are familiar with land, water and air pollution but few know that artificial light at night can also be a pollutant to our environment. Heroux-Devtek, an aerospace company in Kitchener, Ontario, […]