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It’s not just the bane of light sleepers and frustrated astronomers. It also is tinkering with the biological cycles of all kinds of living things, including us!

Case example: How bad lighting increases light pollution

Unshielded light sends light everyone and up into the night sky at this Kitchener, Ontario commercial building.
Update January 11, 2017 The light emissions and light pollution from 1644 Highland Rd. West, in Kitchener, still continue. Any efforts to communicate with businesses at this location or requests to be put in contact with the building owner have been ignored. It really surprises me how property owners and business owners who do not [...]

Insurance industry; hidden costs of light pollution

Insurance industry speaks out about the hidden costs of light pollution

Even the insurance business is taking note of light pollution these days. What is light pollution? Many people don’t know and some that have heard of it often dismiss it as a few crack pots around the world talking nonsense. Others don’t want to face the problem of light pollution because they fear how it […]

Light pollution dome from Kitchener and Waterloo

Light dome from Kitchener-Waterloo caused by artifical light sources (street lights, porch lights, business lights and signs). This not only washes away the stars in the night sky but also has been linked to negative affects on our night time environment health (ecology).

Badly designed and implemented outdoor lighting such as street lights, house lights, business lights and lit signs all contribute to light pollution. This negatively effects not only our night sky but our nocturnal environment, the ecology of it, which in-turn effects people, wildlife and even air quality. The effects of light pollution are not confined […]