Focus Cube 3
Pegasus Astro releases new Focus Cube 3 with wifi and Alpaca support.


The Pegasus Astro FocusCube 3 is a highly advanced and versatile device designed to enhance the astrophotography experience. It’s tailored to provide fast, reliable, and precise focusing for telescopes, which is essential in the realm of advanced camera devices and fast optics.

Key Features

  1. Fast and Precise Focusing: The FocusCube 3 ensures swift and accurate focusing, suitable for modern telescopes and cameras.
  2. Automated Focusing with Temperature Compensation: It automatically adjusts focus in response to temperature changes.
  3. High Torque Motor: The device can handle up to 6 kg of load, even when the telescope is pointing directly upwards (at the zenith).
  4. Low Backlash: The design minimizes play for precise focus V-curve points.
  5. Universal Bracket: The bracket is adaptable to various focusers, with couplers included for sizes ranging from 4mm to 8mm.

Ascom AlpacaConnectivity and Control

  • USB-C Connectivity: Offers a single cable solution for both power and data.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: Includes support for hotspot and 2.4GHz wireless client, allowing remote control.
  • Web Browser Access: The device can be controlled via a web browser on any device, making it OS-independent.
  • ASCOM Alpaca Support: Ensures seamless integration with popular astronomy software.
Focus Cube 3 with universal attachment bracket.
Focus Cube 3 with universal attachment bracket.

Design and Compatibility

  • The FocusCube 3 features a universal bracket with custom-made holes and rails for seamless integration with any telescope system, whether it’s a refractor, reflector, or another type.
  • It comes with a selection of five solid motor couplers, ensuring a secure fit for a variety of telescope focuser’s shafts.
  • Known for successful installation on a wide range of telescopes including Altair, Baader, Explore Scientific, Askar, MoonLite, Skywatcher, Starlight, Stellarvue, Takahashi, Vixen, and William Optics models.

Operation and Software

  • The device harmonizes with leading imaging suites and software for astronomy, offering effortless V-Curve autofocus.
  • It’s equipped with an external digital temperature sensor, providing real-time monitoring of the focuser and surrounding environment.
  • FocusCube 3 includes a firmware that can be upgraded via USB, reflecting the commitment to continuous improvement based on customer feedback.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions: 56 x 63 x 39 mm
  • Weight: 280g
  • Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +80 °C

Pricing and Availability

  • The Pegasus Astro FocusCube 3 is priced at around $242.90 USD ($354.99 CDN), depending on the retailer and location.


The Pegasus Astro FocusCube 3 represents a significant advancement in astrophotography accessories. Its combination of fast and precise focusing, robust connectivity options, and compatibility with a broad range of telescopes makes it an invaluable tool for astronomers and astrophotographers looking to enhance their observational and imaging capabilities.

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