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Power Pocketbox reviewed

power pocketbox

The Pocket Powerbox is a handy little power distribution unit perfect for most astrophotographers looking to streamline and clean up the mess of cables and chords that typically happens with most telescope setups. I had a chance to try out a Power Pocketbox thanks for KWtelescope.com who were kind of enough to lend me one […]

New Focus Cube for my telescope – install and review!

Focus Cube

Received my new Pegasus Astro Focus Cube which will be attached to the Esprit 100 refractor. Join me in unboxing the Focus Cube, see how it’s installed and my thoughts on this astro product. Pegasus Astro Focus Cube >>> http://bit.ly/2ZbjHYZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KELpAyFq0UQ