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Information and updates concerning the Region of Waterloo’s conversion of 43,000 street lights to LED.

Waterloo Region LED street lights conversion

Waterloo Region LED street lights

  In March 2017 the Waterloo Region LED street lights conversion began. This replaces existing HPS (high pressure sodium, amber) street lights with 3000K whitish LEDs. While LED can reduce energy use and has been promoted by the lighting industry as better for the environment, there are many negative characteristics unknown to the general population […]

Statement on LED Conversion; Region of Waterloo Council Nov 1, 2016

LED street lights in Kitchener, Ontario are more white in colour which has a higher blue content. This leads to increases in light pollution, skyglow and scatters more easily in the human eye disrupting night vision.
On November 1st, Region of Waterloo transportation department staff gave Regional Council an update on the LED conversion. A link to the video archive for this presentation can be found at the end of this post. While the presentation certainly gave Councillors a warm and fuzzy feeling about the LED conversion details to date, it [...]