On two cool crisp clear nights in October 2020 I pointed the Esprit 100 triplet refractor at the Soul Nebula in Cassiopeia. I don’t have a rotator on my telescope setup and didn’t want to change the orientation of the camera so the entire Soul Nebula didn’t fit in the FOV. If I rotated 90deg it would have. None-the-less there was still a lot of this nebula to image and with the high resolution of the QHY268C camera (26mp!) I am able to crop and focus on specific areas of the Soul. 

IC1871 nebula
IC1871 region within the Soul Nebula.

I decided to focus in on the IC 1871 region when processing the data.

This is actually a small region of the much larger nebula complex. It’s known as IC1871. We can see dark dust clouds with bright ridges of glowing gas. The nebula is an estimated distance of 6,500 light-years from Earth. It is a star-forming complex. This image represents 12.5 hours of data collected using the Esprit 100 triplet refractor, QHY268C cmos camera and Optolong L-eXtreme filter. Acquisition with NINA and processed in PixInsight.

Unprocessed data of the Soul Nebula from the QHY268C and Optolong L-eXtreme.


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