wizard nebula ngc 7380

The Wizard Nebula NGC 7380

The Wizard Nebula NGC 7380 is shown in this image comprised of 15 hours of data. The Wizard Nebula NGC 7380 is located in the constellation of Cepheus. It gets [...]
Comet NEOWISE C/2020 F3

Comet NEOWISE C/2020 F3

A photo of Comet NEOWISE C/2020 F3 high in the evening sky during July 2020. It’s been 4500 years since Comet NEOWISE C/2020 F3 last passed by the Earth on [...]
NGC 3324 Meet NGC 3324 and IC2599 The Gabriela Mistral Nebula

Meet NGC 3324 and IC2599 The Gabriela Mistral Nebula

This image was featured front cover of the RASC Journal (June 2020 edition) and Image of the Month in the BBC Sky at Night magazine (July 2020 edition). Meet NGC [...]
NGC 5128 galaxy

Meet NGC 5128 a starburst galaxy

Meet NGC 5128 a starbusrt galaxy. Discovered in 1826 by Scottish astronomer James Dunlop who at the time lived ine in Parramatta, in New South Wales, Australia. This image is the result [...]
M97 planetary nebula

Planetary Nebula M97 with the Vixen VC200L telescope

Meet planetary nebula M97, aka the Owl Nebula.  This image took me three nights to collect the data due to clouds. M97 is more than 2000 years away from Earth. [...]
power pocketbox

Power Pocketbox reviewed

The Pocket Powerbox is a handy little power distribution unit perfect for most astrophotographers looking to streamline and clean up the mess of cables and chords that typically happens with [...]
night sky 2020

Must see 2020 night sky events!

What to look for in the 2020 night sky! Check out my video below for more on this…

Shawn Nielsen on the OPT Space Junk Podcast!

I was thrilled when asked to be on the OPT Telescopes, Space Junk Podcast. Check it out below! Space Junk is a weekly podcast dedicated to the amazing hobby of [...]
pixinsight weighted batch preprocessing script

Pixinsight Weighted Batch Preprocessing Script – Tutorial

In this video we take a look at the basics of using the Pixinsight Weighted Batch Preprocessing Script. This powerful tool will make preparing your image data for processing much [...]
Optolong L-Pro filter

Optolong L-Pro Light Pollution Filter and City Astrophotography

In this video I take a look at the Optolong L-Pro light pollution suppression filter for city backyard astrophotography with your telescope and DSLR or cooled cmos camera. I also [...]
Esprit 100 triplet refractor pointed at the constellation of Orion

My best and worst deepsky images of 2019

It didn’t seem like we had many clear nights here but I was able to take quite a number of astro images this past year. Join me as I look [...]