Shawn Nielsen VisibleDark.caWelcome to my astrophotography and astronomy website. Here you’ll see images I have taken of the night sky and deep space objects, using a variety of equipment. My story began more than four decades ago looking up at the Moon with a small telescope my Father had. Today I do astrophotography from my home in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and also with remote telescopes located in New Mexico, Chile and Australia. I also have a Youtube channel where I discuss astrophotography, PixInsight processing as well as look at astro products. Thank you for visiting and clear skies!


QHY268M and 7-position Filter Wheel have arrived!

It took a little while but they finally arrived… The QHY268M cooled cmos camera and QHYCFW3L 7-position filer wheel! I’ve been waiting eagerly for this pair as it will be a return to [...]
Rosette Nebula

Into the Rosette Nebula

The Rosette Nebula located near one end of a giant molecular cloud in the constellation of Monoceros is an amazing deep sky to image and a very popular target among astrophotographers. [...]
M16 nebula Chile

M16 nebula from Chile

Continuing my adventures in remote internet astrophotography, this data set was acquired October 2020 with the Telescope Live network. A Planewave CDK24 was used. This is a 61-cm telescope with Corrected [...]
Cone Nebula

The Cone Nebula from Chile

Somewhere in the World there’s a clear night! In this case it was in Chile. This is a pro dataset (LRGB) taken with the Telescope Live remote telescope, ASA500N and [...]
Horsehead and Flame Nebulae

Return to the Horsehead and Flame Nebulae

It’s been quite some time since I imaged this region of space. Nearly 10 years much to my surprise as I thought about it. Returning once again to the Horsehead [...]
raptor 61 triplet telescope electronic focuser and back focus

Raptor 61 triplet telescope, electronic focuser and back focus

The Radian Raptor 61 refractor is a very portable, widefield f/4.5 apochromatic triplet. This is the first telescope offering from Radian Telescopes which is a new company founded by OPT [...]
IC405 flaming star nebula

IC405 The Flaming Star Nebula in Auriga

IC405 the Flaming Star Nebula is an emission and reflection nebula surrounding the bluish star AE Aurigae. Ic405 the Flaming Star Nebula in Auriga. IC405 is located in the constellation [...]
Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn Great Conjunction

Look to the south-west sky on the evening of December 21st, 2020 to see the Jupiter and Saturn great conjunction. These are the largest planets in our solar system. A [...]
M45 seven sisters

The Seven Sisters M45 star cluster

M45, the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. A splendid open star cluster with nebulosity. This cluster is visible with the naked eye high overhead during Winter months. It also harolds the [...]
Fighting dragons NGC 6188

Return to the Fighting Dragons

The November cloudy season seems to have made an early arrival here in 2020. With the nights being cloudy and no foreseeable imaging to be had, I thought I’d revisit [...]
NGC 7822 nebula

NGC 7822 Nebula in Cepheus

I pointed the telescope at Cepheus and captured 8 hours of data of NGC 7822. A star forming complex, where hot, young stars and cosmic pillars of gas and dust [...]
IC1871 nebula

IC1871 with the QHY268C and L-eXtreme

On two cool crisp clear nights in October 2020 I pointed the Esprit 100 triplet refractor at the Soul Nebula in Cassiopeia. I don’t have a rotator on my telescope [...]
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