I went to Starfest 2019 which is an annual star party held in Ayton, Ontario during the month of August. It’s considered a top ten star party with hundreds of amateur astronomers and astrophotographers turning out.

There was a variety of observing oriented activities, including solar viewing and guided night sky tours. Also numerous presentations by guest speakers, as well as workshops and commercial exhibits with vendors on-site. 

The weather this year turned out fabulous for Starfest 2019. Sunny days and clear nights. You couldn’t have asked for better! 

This year’s theme was “Roving Our Neighbourhood” in celebration of lunar and Mars rovers and landers that have paved the way into the future of space and planetary exploration. There was even a Mars Rover there to see up close.

Watch my video below where I take you on a little trip to Starfest and give you a tour of some of the happenings and attractions…

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