Starfield 60mm quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO will take your wide field imaging game to new levels

Starfield Optics 60mm quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO astrograph
The new Starfield 60mm quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO shown here with optional motorized focuser.

The Starfield Optics Géar series 60mm Quad f/5 Petzvel Astrograph is a new addition to the world of astrophotography. This innovative telescope is designed to capture stunning images of celestial objects with its highly advanced Petzvel design.

The Starfield 60mm quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO will elevate your wide field imaging to new heights. The GÉAR60Q telescope was developed with a strong emphasis on meeting extremely high optical and mechanical quality standards. It has an integrated corrective element within the focusing tube that is placed at an optimal distance from the main objective.

Petzval APO astrographs are astronomical telescopes designed to provide high quality, wide-field images with minimal aberrations. They are typically used for deep sky imaging, and are known for their flat field performance. Petzval APO astrographs feature a 4-lens optical system with a fast focal ratio, meaning the telescopes are well-suited for imaging and visual observing. The lenses are made of ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, which helps to reduce chromatic aberration and improve the clarity and sharpness of the images produced.

This design is specifically optimized for astrophotography, with the camera automatically positioned at the optimal distance for maximum sharpness across the entire field. The telescope has a 2-element lens with FPL53 as the APO element, which provides excellent colour correction. Even bright stars can be seen without any colour fringing.


The focus tube’s 2-element corrector ensures consistent sharpness across the entire field. With its 44mm image circle, this apo is also compatible with cameras with full-frame sensors.

This 300mm Quad has features that all astrographs should have.

  • A tilt adjustment plate is included with a 2.5″ focuser with a camera angel adjuster, also known as a manual rotator. A long dovetail plate and an integrated handle for accessories round out the package.
  • The Petzval design means that finding the perfect spacing is a thing of the past. Just focus your camera and take your images. The working distance is 41-61mm from the 48mm thread, and a 44mm image circle will illuminate a standard 36x24mm sensor.
  • Starfield 60mm quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APOThe 2.5″ Rack and Pinion focuser boasts an exceptional standard of performance. The drawtube is securely supported by ball bearings, ensuring a smooth and stable operation. Providing exceptional accuracy and allows for the use of heavy cameras and accessories.
  • The focuser also offers a variety of convenient and useful features, including:
  • A camera angle adjuster or Rotator with allows for 360° rotation
  • A precise tilter mechanism, which allows for adjustment to match the telescope to the camera for optimal performance.
  • A 1:10 gear reduction for precise focusing
  • The capability to connect a motor focus.
  • An integrated filter holder for 2″ filters which is placed in front of the camera.
  • Integrated handle for accessories and a long dovetail plate round out the package.
  • Multicoated optics are standard and each Gėar series telescope.

Each Gėar series telescope comes with a soft case with die cut foam and multicoated optics as standard. The case is designed to hold the optional focusing motor, or a Pegasus Astro or ZWO focusing motor, as well as a spot for your imaging camera.



 Aperture: 60 mm

Focal length: 300 mm

Focal ratio: f/5

Optics: 2-element FPL53 objective and 2-element corrector

Working distance: 41 mm to 61 mm from the M48x0.75 thread – depending on the focuser position

Drawtube travel: 20 mm

Illuminated and corrected field of view: 44 mm

Transport length with dew shield inserted: 270 mm

Diameter of the dew shield: 93.1 mm

Weight: 2 kg

MSRP: $1475.00 Canadian (Approximately $1100 USD)


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