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Meet M31 Andromeda Galaxy; taken with Esprit 100 and Moravian G3-16200EC

A recent image of M31 I took with a Skywatcher Esprit 100 and Moravian 16200EC CCD.
Click image for high resolution JPG (18mb) An Esprit 100 triplet APO refractor and Moravian G3-16200EC CCD camera riding on a Skywatcher EQ6 mount and Skyshed pier. This is with data acquired in September and October 2018 from my backyard in Kitchener, Ontario. Using a Skywatcher Esprit 100mm triplet refractor and a Moravian G3-16200EC CCD [...]

Meet M78 a Reflection Nebula in Orion

m78 a reflection nebula
I imaged M78 a Reflection Nebula in Orion using a remote telescope in New Mexico. This data was taken over two nights and is using the luminance data I posted of M78 previous. Its been combined with RGB data to give this colour image. And wow is this region of space colourful! M78 is about [...]