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Gas Clouds Of Lagoon Nebula and Trifid Nebula in H-alpha

H-alpha image of M8 and M20 taken summer of 2011 with an Equinox 80mm APO refractor and modified Canon 350XT.

  For summer stargazers and astrophotographers, the Lagoon Nebula (M8) and Trifid Nebula (M20) are definitely in the top 10 for deep sky objects to observe and photograph. M8 the Lagoon Nebula (left in image) is approximately 4,077 light years from Earth. Interesting enough this night sky treasure of glowing ionized gas is visible with […]

The Rosette Nebula in Hubble Palette

NGC 2237 The Rosette Nebula and open cluster NGC 2244 at center.
I will admit it has been a while since I have posted a new image. Between looking after my businesses, family life and the light pollution advocacy work I do it's not always easy to find time to image new data and process it... then add to this very few good clear nights, equipment issues [...]

M20 test image with ASA 16″ astrograph

There’s a fancy new telescope and CCD camera setup at Siding Spring Observatory! An ASA 16″ F3.5 astrograph with an Apogee CG16070 Class 1 CCD, known as the T33. It’s a medium deep field imaging system and it’s a new addition to the fleet of astrophotography telescopes that iTelescope offers access to for imaging professionals […]

Elephants Trunk Nebula in narrowband H-alpha

Ic 1396 Elephants Trunk Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha narrowband astrophotography. Shawn Nielsen 2014

Another image taken in July 2014. This time I was collecting narrowband Ha (H-alpha) data on the Elephants Trunk Nebula within the larger emission nebula region of IC 1396. I feel the most extraordinary thing about this image is that it was taken from within a regional area consisting of 3 cities (population of 500,000), […]

Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000 Nebula (Narrowband)

Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000. Shawn Nielsen, 2014

This is 5 hours of H-alpha and Oxygen 3 data combined to produce a false colour image of the Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000. A variant of the Hubble palette colour profile was applied. This image consists of three hours of hydrogen-alpha (Hα) images and two hours of OIII data. The Hα frames were captured […]

IC405 and IC410 Nebulae in Auriga

IC405 and IC410 Nebula in Auriga. Shawn Nielsen 2013

This is an H-alpha narrowband image of IC405 and IC410 nebulae in Auriga. IC405 is also known as the Flaming Star Nebula (SH 2-229, or Caldwell 31) is an emission/reflection nebula). IC410 is famous for the “tad poles” visible in it upon closer inspection. Embedded inside IC410 is NGC 1893 an open star cluster. All […]