The Leo Trio Galaxy Group

This galaxy group is known as the M66 Galaxy Group and the Leo Trio Galaxy Group. The three conspicuous galaxies are roughly centered in this image. M66 is the lower left in the triplet; M65 is the lower right: NGC 3628 is the upper galaxy. The Leo Trio Galaxy Group  is approximately 35 million light years distant from Earth



Telescope:  80mm Skywatcher Equinox APO ED Refractor (F6.25) with a William Optics 0.8x reducer/flattener attached, for a final FL of 400mm (F5).

Camera: Modified Canon 350XT DSLR camera was used.

Software: Acquisition and calibration was done in Nebulosity 3. Processing of the image was done in Photoshop.

Total time 2 hours / 5min subs

Image Scale: 3.3 arcsec/px

Shawn Nielsen

My story began nearly 40 years ago looking up at the Moon with a small collapsible telescope my Father had. Encouraged by my parents, who bought me my very own telescope, a 4.5" reflector, I began to explore the night sky from my family home backyard. Today I do astrophotography from my home in Kitchener, Ontario and also with remote telescopes located in New Mexico and Australia. Some of my images have won awards and have been featured online and in magazines.

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