An affordable, compact and intelligent smart telescope for astrophotography and nature

DWARF II smart telescope by DwarfLab
Dwarf II is a digital smart telescope that can connect to your smartphone or tablet and take images of the night sky or nature photography during the day.

MRSP: $399.99 USD

Dwarf II is a smart telescope designed to be compact and portable, while still providing high-quality images and advanced features. It uses computerized Go-To technology to automatically locate and track celestial objects, and can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet. It is designed for amateur astronomers, but can be used by anyone interested exploring the night sky or doing nature photography.


DWARF II is a compact smart telescope with dual camera and AI power. You can take shots of deep sky objects, galaxy and nebula. Watch and record videos of birds and animals.


Easy Control with Your Mobile Device

Connect your smartphone/tablet with DWARF II via WiFi, then you can wirelessly control DWARF II through DWARFLAB App (available in Android & iOS) and take pictures/videos.

Dual Camera System

DWARF II has two cameras, a wide-angle camera, and a telephoto camera. Through the wide-angle camera, you can take pictures/videos as a normal camera, or preview the field of view. Find the target in the middle of the wide-angle view, then the telephoto camera is aiming your target. And the telephoto image is always at a fixed place (near the center ) of the wide-angle image.


Dwarf II smart telescope

The DWARF II smart telescope and camera mashup, makes for easy and fun photography. Wildlife photography is unquestionably one of them, and the camera’s AI-powered object recognition and tracking make following moving critters a breeze. The telescope has a wide-angle camera for regular photos and a telephoto camera for close-ups, which is always aimed at the canter of the wide-angle image, making it very easy to find the object you want to photograph in close-up.


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This intelligent telescope shines brightest when photographing stars and galaxies in the night sky above. Compared to a 35mm camera, the DWARF II’s 100mm lens has an equivalent focal ratio of 675mm. That’s more than enough to see details on the Moon as well as bright galaxies and nebulae. In astrophotography, stars “move” slowly across the sky, and cameras must be able to track them. Fortunately, the DWARF II smart telescope does this automatically and flawlessly tracks slow-moving stars. This ability to track objects in the night sky allows the camera to take long exposures which can be aligned and stacked to produce fabulous photos of nebula, galaxies, the Moon and more.

Moon photo taken with a DWARF II smart telescope
Photo of the Moon taken with the DWARF II smart telescope

Auto Star Tracking and Stacking

DWARF II can rotate in altitude and azimuth to track the stars as they move. To avoid field rotation, it employs a field-rotation-correction algorithm. Then, with a long exposure time, you can use DWARF II to track deep-sky objects.


The DWARF II smart telescope is available now for pre-order.
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