Elephant trunk nebula starfield optics 8 inch nexus reducer corrector

The Elephant Trunk Nebula imaged using the Starfield Optics 8″ astrograph and Starizona Nexus reducer/corrector (F3 focal ratio). Also used was a QHY268M camera, QHY filter wheel and Optolong Ha, OIII, SII 3nm filters.

visible dark astrophotography
The Starfield Optics 8 inch astrograph (with Nexus F3 reducer/corrector, QHY268M camera and filter wheel ride atop a Sky Watcher EQ6 mount under the starry night sky.

More than 250 newborn stars have been found in and around the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula, a region of star formation. A few of these stars are under 100,000 years old, making them exceedingly young.

The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula, a young star cluster encased in a cloud of luminous, ionised gas in the Cepheus constellation, is nearly 20 lightyears long and may be found running through IC 1396.

Cool interstellar dust and gas give the nebula its name by obstructing light on its way to Earth and leaving behind a long, thin silhouette.

Image processed in PixInsight. Imaged from my backyard.

Image technical:

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