I performed some more test imaging with the ASI1600mm-cooled camera. This time I centered the telescope and camera on M31, the great Andromeda galaxy. I have imaged M31 before a few years ago using different equipment. This galaxy is a popular target at this time in the northern hemisphere when it rises high in the north-east sky on cool crisp Autumn evenings.

M31 90min LRGB test image with ASI1600mm-cooledThis is a 90 minute image comprised of individual L-R-G-B frames. Each frame is 60 seconds exposure length at 2×2 binning. No drizzle was used during assembly.

The ASI1600 monochrome cooled camera is quite remarkable in capabilities. The capabilities of it utilizing short exposures is going to be very interesting to explore as I do more imaging with it. Unfortunately we are coming into “cloudy season” here in southern Ontario, Canada as the Winter months approach. There may not be much imaging happen depending on cloud cover and how cold it gets.

While I’ve done imaging in -21deg Celsius weather, it is not something I enjoyed or wish to repeat anytime soon!

Stay tuned for more updates about ASI1600mm-cooled camera.



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