In the constellation Perseus, NGC 1333 (also known as the Embryo Nebula) is a reflection nebula that is 1,000 lightyears away. Hundreds of stars as young as one million years old can be found in the nebula, which is located on the border of a large star-forming region in space.

NGC 1333 nebula in Perseus

It’s a beautiful reflection nebula with an open star cluster nested in it. The dense dust clouds block much of the apparent light from the stars within it. Red jets and red-glowing gas are fueled by the light and winds of the newly born young stars. Despite its classification as a reflection nebula, this object is an active star-forming area.

The image above represents 13 hours of data collected using an Explore Scientific 127CF triplet refractor, QHY268M camera and Optolong L-R-G-B filters. Processing was performed in PixInsight.

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