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The bright star at center is Sadr, also known as Gamma Cygni. It is located in the constellation of Cygnus the Swan and rises high overhead during the late Summer here in Ontario. Sadr forms the intersection of an asterism of five stars that is known as the Northern Cross. This region is rich with nebulosity and dark dust. It’s 1,826 light years from Earth. 


  • Skywatcher Esprit 100mm APO refractor, F5.5
  • Moravian G3 16200 CCD @ -10deg
  • Optolong filters (Ha-R-G-B)
  • Skywatcher EQ6 mount
  • 10 hours / 5min subs
  • SGP, PHD, EQmod softwares for acquisition
  • Pixinsight 1.8 calibration, processing
  • Seeing and transparency average

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