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The Rosette Nebula in Hubble Palette

NGC 2237 The Rosette Nebula and open cluster NGC 2244 at center.
I will admit it has been a while since I have posted a new image. Between looking after my businesses, family life and the light pollution advocacy work I do it's not always easy to find time to image new data and process it... then add to this very few good clear nights, equipment issues [...]

IC 2118 The Witch Head Nebula

IC 2118 The Witch Head Nebula. Shawn Nielsen 2014

IC 2118 The Witch Head Nebula has long been a night sky target I’ve wanted to photograph. It’s a challenging object due to how extremely faint it is and how large it is. A very wide field-of-view is needed to fit all of it in the frame. I’ve attempted to image the Witch Head Nebula […]

NGC 6960 The Witche’s Broom

NGC 6960 Th Witch's Broom. Shawn Nieslen 2014

NGC 6960 is a supernova remnant. The source supernova is believed to have exploded between 5000 and 8000 years ago. It is the western part of the Veil Nebula in the constellation, Cygnus the swan. This filamentry nebula is also known as the “Witch’s Broom” due to it’s striking resemblance of such. This portion of […]