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BlurXterminator for PixInsight
Above is a before and after showing the capability of BlurXterminator to enhance your images.

If you haven’t heard there is a new super awesome tool for our image processing. BlurXterminator for PixInsight.

It’s the talk of the astrophotography community and is wowing image processors with its ability to dramatically improve the resolution of deep sky objects. That’s not all though as it can even help fix your bad stars!

The main problem that astrophotographers face on the ground is atmospheric turbulance, also known as seeing. This has the affect of slightly blurring our images. The atmosphere is moving between our telescope and space and it shifts the light around from the deep sky object. Of course there are other things that can cause our images to lose their resolution and sharpness including guiding errors, optical defects such as distortions due to coma and chromatic aberration.

BlurXterminator to the rescue!

BlurXTerminator is an AI-based deconvolution tool designed specifically for astronomical images taken with equipment commonly used by amateur astrophotographers. It is available as a process module plug-in for PixInsight only.

Not all AI is created equal. AI-based sharpening tools for general photography exist but, when applied to astronomical images, they are prone to “inventing” detail that does not exist. They also don’t usually handle stars very well. Their neural networks were not trained on astronomical images, so they often make bad “guesses” as to what the original, unblurred scene looks like.

The design intent of BlurXTerminator is to recover as much detail as possible based on low-contrast information actually present in an image, without fabricating detail that does not in fact exist just for the sake of an image that appears sharper. Great care has been taken in the architecture and training of the neural network to ensure that its output is as faithful as possible to reality if it is properly used.

Get BlurXterminator here:

BlurXTerminator can apply different amounts of deconvolution to the stellar and nonstellar features of an image. Additionally it can correct for other aberrations present in an image in limited amounts. Among those currently comprehended for most instruments are:

Guiding errors
Primary and secondary coma
Chromatic aberration (color fringing)
Varying star diameter (FWHM) and halos in each color channel

I’ve been using BlurXterminator to simplify my PixInsight workflow as well as improve my images. In fact it works so well that I have found myself reprocessing many previous astro images with amazing results!

Are you ready to take your image processing to the next level? Get BlurXterminator for PixInsight here at the RC Astro website:

Below are some images I reprocessed in PixInsight using BlurXterminator…

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