IC1396 in Skynews

Very pleased to have my image of IC1396 and short article featured in the “Parting Shot” section of the March/April issue of Skynews Magazine. It’s always an honour to have your work recognized like this.

IC1396 and Elephant Trunk Nebula
The image of IC1396 that is featured in Skynews

I imaged IC1396 (the Elephant Trunk Nebula) in the Fall of 2018 using the Skywatcher Esprit 100 Triplet Refractor, Moravian 16200EC CCD and Optolong filters. All riding on an EQ6 mount and Skyshed pier. 

This issue of Skynews is of particular interest to me because it deals with light pollution. A growing problem that is not just the bane of amateur and professional astronomers. It’s becoming quite the problem and this issue covers some of the particulars of it.

I’ve been a dark sky advocate since 2008 and have provided a lot of information and knowledge on the topic of light pollution to my city officials and staff. I also input on our LED street light conversion.

Light pollution is very easy to fix. In fact out of all the pollutants, it’s by far the simplest to reduce and even stop.

Flip that switch and turn of lights over night. Shield lights down to the ground so the light (and energy) is wasted up into the night sky. If you are going to use LED, look for 2700K or lower lights. Amber is better (1750K-2200K) and is now becoming readily available. It also looks much nicer, more warm and cozy than bright harsh white LEDs.

Check out my section on light pollution here. You can also read more about IC1396 in my post of it here.

Thanks for reading and clear skies!

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