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Running Chicken Nebula IC2944

Meet IC2944, also known as the Running Chicken Nebula. It’s a southern hemisphere deep sky object. An open cluster with an associated emission nebula found in the constellation Centaurus. Within this region of nebulosity is a set of Bok globules. They were discovered in IC 2944 by South African astronomer A. David Thackeray in 1950. These […]

Elephants Trunk Nebula in narrowband H-alpha

Ic 1396 Elephants Trunk Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha narrowband astrophotography. Shawn Nielsen 2014

Another image taken in July 2014. This time I was collecting narrowband Ha (H-alpha) data on the Elephants Trunk Nebula within the larger emission nebula region of IC 1396. I feel the most extraordinary thing about this image is that it was taken from within a regional area consisting of 3 cities (population of 500,000), […]

Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000 Nebula (Narrowband)

Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000. Shawn Nielsen, 2014

This is 5 hours of H-alpha and Oxygen 3 data combined to produce a false colour image of the Cygnus Wall in NGC 7000. A variant of the Hubble palette colour profile was applied. This image consists of three hours of hydrogen-alpha (Hα) images and two hours of OIII data. The Hα frames were captured […]

The Cygnus Sadr Region in H-alpha

Sadr region in the constellation of Cygnus. Shawn Nielsen 2014

Continuing my narrowband imaging, I shot this late June 2014. This is an area at the center of the summer time constellation of Cygnus the Swan. View high resolution image here This constellation rises high over head and holds a lot of nebulous regions that can be revealed in images especially when using special filters […]