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Images of emission, reflection and dark nebula as well as supernova remnants

IC1848 The Soul Nebula

IC1848 The Soul Nebula

Click image to view higher resolution. IC1848 the Soul Nebula rises in the constellation of Cassiopeia in the Fall months of the northern hemisphere. This large emission nebula is often referred to along with its neighbour, IC1805 the Heart Nebula;  the Heart and Soul Nebulae. This is a 15 hour image taken over a few […]

M78 reflection nebula 100mins of luminance data

M78 reflection nebula

Click image to view higher resolution. This is 100 minutes of luminance data of the M78 reflection nebula. Taken from iTelescope New Mexico observatory. Messier 78 is a reflection nebula in the constellation Orion. It was discovered by Pierre Méchain in 1780 and included by Charles Messier in his catalog of comet-like objects that same year. […]

IC1396 and the Elephant Trunk Nebula

IC1396 and Elephant Trunk Nebula

Click image to view higher resolution. IC1396 is a large region of ionized gas about 2,400 light years from Earth. The Elephant Trunk Nebula (extending vertical from bottom to center of image) is an interstellar gas and dust concentration. It gets its name because it appears to resemble an Elephant head and trunk. This nebula […]

Sadr Gamma Cygni Region

Click image to view higher resolution. The bright star at center is Sadr, also known as Gamma Cygni. It is located in the constellation of Cygnus the Swan and rises high overhead during the late Summer here in Ontario. Sadr forms the intersection of an asterism of five stars that is known as the Northern […]

Gas Clouds Of Lagoon Nebula and Trifid Nebula in H-alpha

H-alpha image of M8 and M20 taken summer of 2011 with an Equinox 80mm APO refractor and modified Canon 350XT.

  For summer stargazers and astrophotographers, the Lagoon Nebula (M8) and Trifid Nebula (M20) are definitely in the top 10 for deep sky objects to observe and photograph. M8 the Lagoon Nebula (left in image) is approximately 4,077 light years from Earth. Interesting enough this night sky treasure of glowing ionized gas is visible with […]

The Iris Nebula NGC 7023 in Cepheus

Iris Nebula NGC 7023 taken from Oliphant, Ontario in September 2017.
The Iris Nebula, NGC 7023, is a deepsky object I have imaged before. It's a mysterious looking reflection nebula. Sometimes referred to as the keyhole nebula. This colour data was taken in September from our cottage up north in Oliphant, Ontario. The night skies up there are still prestine and dark, although with the introduction [...]